Lawn Care and Maintenance

What we can help with...

Year Round Lawn Care

Keep your grass, shrubs and trees beautiful year-round with lawn mowing, pruning, spring and fall cleanup. We offer flexible scheduling and recurring services to keep your landscape amazing all seasons of the year.

Fertilizing & Weed Control

Lots of the time chemical weed control isn't needed, and a healthy grass lawn with regular lawn care is enough to drown out weeds. We only use herbicides as a last resort by the best eco-friendly applicators.  All spraying is done outside of normal or peak-business hours.


Grass doesn't just need water to grow it also needs to breathe. Aeration pokes holes in soil through which air and water can travel, stimulating growth reducing the need to water and fertilize. So you can keep your annual lawncare cost effective.

How it works

1) Give us a Call. Call us to schedule a free a quote.

2) Get a Free Quote. Depending on the size and complexity you can get a quote over the phone or in person

3) Get a Fresh Look for Your Place. Our staff shows up on a schedule that works around your business and peak times. We start mowing, pruning and tending to your lawn using Eco-Friendly practices that reduce the need for herbicides.

After the work


  • Give your place a tidy look you and your customers can enjoy. 

  • You get a thorough start-to-finish quality check to ensure each and every spot was trimmed and cared to using our high-quality lawn care standards.

  • And, if you at any time notice one thing wrong with our lawn care, call our customer service line to get an emergency crew to fix anything our staff may have missed.

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Brandon, Owner

It's rare to have a company be so focused on building relationships. One Touch was a surprise. They're playing the long-game and it shows. Any colleagues and even family get a recommendation from me.

Timothy Hofer, CareerSurge

I've been burned by careless staff and indifferent management so needless to say I was a bit skeptical when I was finding a new company. After working with one touch I can honestly say they're  the best cleaning service I've ever experienced. Well worth it. Thanks again.


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